Traveling While Traveling

Air travel is really not my thing. But there is something that makes airplanes palatable for me—reading. I was on vacation last week, and while I was flying to and from New York, I read three books! What joy in escaping the cramped conditions of the plane to enjoy some time in other worlds—some very similar to mine and some quite different. Choosing my reading options for my trip was part of the fun of my trip! I anticipated the air travel with excitement rather than dread . . . which really is my M.O. On this trip, I traveled to Kettering, Ohio by way of The Haven (home of the fairies); a small town in snowy Vermont; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; and Lanester, Louisiana—all while I was in the air above those places.

I enjoy reading at home, as well. There’s nothing like a rainy day, a fireplace, and a compelling story. Sometimes I get a morning off and get to sit on my balcony with a book. When my oldest son was young—just starting to read chapter books on his own—he would go to a fruitless pear tree in our backyard and cradle himself in the branches to read every day. It made my heart so happy that he had created a special place to escape.

Wherever I read, it really is an opportunity to escape to another place and empathize with people I wouldn’t otherwise know. And as I escape, it really does take me out of my discomfort of travel. There are times when reading has helped me escape life crises, even if only for a half hour at a time.

Where is your favorite place to read? Your favorite time? Your favorite genre? I challenge you to share this with your children! If reading helps you escape something in your life, let your children know . . . and help them anticipate and create their own reading escapes.

What a gift we give children when we help them see that reading is the greatest adventure.


What a gift

we give children when we help them see that reading is the greatest adventure.

Mike ButlerComment