Here's Where The Story Ends

My amazing friends~

It is with deepest regret that I share our sad news. Despite your loyal support and our best efforts,

Once Upon a Storybook will close its doors at the end of this month.

We know you are as saddened by this news as we are delivering it.

You may have been in the store recently and noticed that our shelves seem a bit bare. Or perhaps you have ordered something and had to wait weeks instead of days for it. We have been having a hard time paying our bills, and our vendors won’t send shipments until we can pay them (I can respect that!). You have all been very patient. At this point, we just owe too much money to too many people—even if we could claw our way out of this financial hole, we do not see a pathway to profitability.

We know many of our friends will want to support us with a variety of suggestions for money-making. This is so appreciated, but please know that Erin & Susie have spent many hours looking into GoFundMe campaigns, one-time fundraisers, and becoming a nonprofit. At this time, these are not feasible options for us. Liquidating the inventory is really the only option.

Please know this is heartbreaking for us, for many reasons. It had been our dream to have your children grow up here—to see the infants in Itty Bitty Storytime graduate to Preschool Storytime and then to our grade-school book clubs. We wanted this to be a gathering place for many generations.

Though the final chapter of Once Upon a Storybook is here, we don’t know what the epilogue will be. Perhaps we will reorganize into a different format at some point. We hope that we have helped your family develop some special and significant memories around books. If we have touched you and your family over the years, we would so appreciate hearing those stories when you come in to say good-bye, or in a post on our Facebook page. And we hope you will join us on April 28 at our Fun Finale store closing ceremony as we say adieu.

Thank you, friends, for helping to make Once Upon a Storybook a unique place for your families.

We have been honored to share our hearts for children’s literature with you. May stories continue to inspire you and your young ones, and may you make memories around books for years to come.

Miss Susie, Miss Erin, Miss Tina, Miss Elizabeth (as well as our former booksellers Miss Christina, Miss Zanny, and Miss Emma)**

FAQ's About Our Store Closing

How Can I Help? If you’ve cared about Once Upon a Storybook, we continue to need your support over this last month. Please come see us this month and make a purchase. That really is the best way for you to support us as we wind down our operations. Although we're sad to close we're always happy to see YOU and your littles. Your smiles and delight in the stories you share are the best salve in a difficult time.

What About Frequent Buyers Club Our loyal customers have stuck by us through thick and thin and we are so grateful. Your last chance to use your credits earned will be April 7.

What About Gift Cards? We will honor all gift cards through our closing day. If you have recently given a Once Upon a Storybook gift card to someone, you might want to give them a heads-up that we will be closing at the end of April.

What About Special Events? We will not be scheduling any book clubs or author events in April. The first week of April will be our last week of storytimes. We will schedule the Private Milk & Cookies Storytimes that we offered as school auction donations through the middle of April. Please call to schedule today!

What About Your E-Commerce Site? We will not continue our ecommerce site at this point, although it is possible that someday we will give it a second life.

April Schedule

We have a plan to wrap things up in a fun and financially strong way. We hope you will help!

April 2-7 Last chance to use your Frequent Buyer Club credits, last chance to do special orders. Last chance to use our Educator Discount.

April 9-14 All in-stock items 10% There will be no reorders! If there is something you want, come get it now before someone else does! This is a great opportunity to shop ahead for baby showers, birthday gifts, and Christmas gifts. Special orders and back-ordered items will not be reduced in price.

April 16-21 All in-stock items 20% This is the perfect week to support Ethan & Choco’s Book Club! If you’d like to help Once Upon a Storybook, but your kids have enough books, buy a couple of books at a discount to donate to the kids at CHOC Children’s Hospital. This will be your last opportunity to help Once Upon a Storybook support ECBC, although we hope everyone will get on the ECBC mailing list!

April 23-28 Final discounts and inventory clear-out

Sat, April 28 Fun Finale 5-8pm Help us celebrate the magic of Once Upon a Storybook one more time.

Story times End April 6:

Preschool Storytimes Tuesday 4/3 and Friday 4/6 at 11:00

Itty Bitty Storytimes Monday 4/2 at 10, 10:30, 11 & Thursday 4/5 at 1:00, 1:30

Milk & Cookie Storytime Thursday 4/5 at 7pm. Pajamas and lovies welcome!


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