Class of 2017 or 2018 or 2019 . . .

It’s that “dads and grads” time of year again. When I was growing up, graduations were only a special event for high school and college, but these days, there are graduations from every possible school year or event!

There are some wonderful, meaningful gifts you can give to the graduate in your life that will last much beyond the summer of 2017. One of our favorites is Dr. Seuss’s Oh, the Places You’ll Go. Buy this while your child is young. Each year, take it to your child’s teacher and have him or her sign a little message to your child. How meaningful it will be when you give it to your child at the end of high school or college, after the significant people in his/her life have written special messages! A true keepsake.

If you haven’t prepared for that long-term commitment and you’ve got a graduation this year, we have other wonderful gifts. For the writer and reader, we have beautiful journals that use the text of a classic book as the lines for writing. Your young writer will be inspired that he/she is writing on the words of a famous author!

If you are having a graduation party this year, pick up a unique gift that many people can participate in: Letters to the Graduate. Everyone at the party can write a letter to the graduate, and they are all stored in one collection for the graduate to read in years to come.

And a book signed by the author would make a wonderful gift for any child or any age. We have a large selection—from Little Goldens to picture books to chapter books. A specially chosen book is a treasured gift. Congratulations to you and the new graduates in your life! Let us know how Once Upon a Storybook can start them on their “happily ever afters.”

Mike ButlerComment