Mighty Moby Is Mighty Inspiring

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Mighty Moby is Mighty Inspiring

You know I always make Caldecott & Newbery predictions.  I've already voted for my favorite (figuratively--you can only literally vote if you are on the committee!)--I chose *Blue Sky, White Stars* by Savinder Naberhaus, illustrated by Kadir Nelson.  But now I want to show you the book that SHOULD win.  

Barbara Dacosta and Ed Young's unique interpretation of Moby Dick, *Mighty Moby*, is a stunning collage piece that focuses on a child's imagination. Dacosta writes the book using quotes from the original *Moby Dick* text. This book is not for the youngest children (there's a lot of red symbolizing blood), but it is a great way to introduce this classic book to kids who value adventure and creativity.  The first read-through will surprise the readers with a twist!  And then you'll never read it the same way again.

Come take a look at this amazing, artistic, energetic book! 

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