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Miss Susie (left) with Author Alison McGhee.

It All Began With a Dream.

Susie Alexander is a dreamer. She's also a do-er. So, when she'd launched her fledglings out of the nest and was ready for her "Next Big Thing", she knew it was time to open the store of her dreams and get doing. Once Upon a Storybook opened its doors on October 4, 2014 and quickly became the epicenter for children's literature in Orange County, California. With a staff of trained book sellers, unparalleled resources for educators and home-schooling families, and a passion for igniting the reading fire in little hearts and minds, it was a special place. Yes, it was a store. But it was, and still is, also a community of dreamers who loving doing. To see why Once Upon a Storybook is special, check out our instagram feed

The brick and mortar store was a third soace for children and families for 3 1/2 yrs, and for another year+ after that, it was a virtual store and book resource that included book clubs, storytimes, author visits, and a book subscription program. Fast forward to October 2019 . . . Once Upon a Storybook has ceased business operations, but the vision and excitement of sharing children’s books with families will continue on. Follow Miss Susie the Storylady on this blog site for inspiration, encouragement, and book reviews.

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